Registration Day: Sat. May 21st 10am-noon


The classes listed below are open for enrollment on May 21. Classes will begin the week of June 1. If you don't see something that works for your schedule, please call or text the studio 749-5070. Solos are open for ages 7 & Up. Please, call the studio for times/days and enrollment for solos. Classes listed below will be a part of our Fall/Winter Showcase. If the class has a "II" behind it, students must have had at least 1 season of dance with us prior to joining.

AgeDay/TimeTypeInstructorStart Day
2Tues. 5:45Ballet/TapAmanda6/7
3Fri. 5:45Ballet/TapAvery6/3
3Sat. 10:30amBallet/TapAmanda6/4
4Thurs. 5:30Ballet/TapBrittany6/2
4Sat. 10:30amBallet/TapAmanda6/4
4Wed. 12:30Ballet/TapAmanda6/1 *This class will move to 5:15pm in Aug.
4Mon. 5:15Ballet/TapAvery6/6
4 (not 5 before Oct.)Tues. 6:15Ballet/AcroAmanda6/7
4Tues. 6:15Ballet/TapAvery6/7
5Fri. 6:30Ballet/TapAvery6/3
5Thurs. 5:30Tap/BalletBrittany6/2
5Wed. 12:30Ballet/TapAmanda6/1 *This class will move to 5:15 in Aug.
5Mon. 5:15Ballet/TapAvery6/6
5Wed. 6pmBallet/AcroAmanda6/1
6 (not 7 before Oct)Fri.6:30Ballet/TapAvery6/3
6Thurs. 6:15Jazz/AcroBrittany6/2
6Wed. 6pmBallet/AcroAmanda6/1
6Mon. 6pmBallet/Tap IIAvery6/6
6Mon. 6:45Ballet/Jazz IIBrittany6/6
7Mon. 5:45Ballet/Acro IIBrittany6/6
7Wed. 1:00Jazz/AcroAmanda6/1 * This class will move to 5:45 in Aug.
7Sat. 9:45amAcro Tech. IIAmanda6/4
7Wed. 6:15Ballet/JazzBrittany6/1
7Mon. 6:45BalletAvery6/6
7Mon. 6pmBallet/Tap IIAvery6/6
7Mon. 6:45Ballet/Jazz IIBrittany6/6
8Thurs. 7pmHiphopPhillip

6/2 *Boys and Girls

8Sat. 9:45amAcro Tech. IIAmanda6/4
8Tues. 7:00Music Theatre/TapAmanda6/7
8Wed. 6:15Ballet/JazzBrittany6/1
8Wed. 1pmJazz/AcroAmanda6/1 *This class will move to 5:45 in Aug
8Mon. 6:45Ballet/JazzBrittany6/6
8Mon. 6pmBallet/Tap IIAvery6/6
8Sat. 11amJazz/BalletPatrice6/4
8Wed. 7pmHiphop/JazzBrittany6/1
8Mon. 6:45BalletAvery6/6
8Mon. 5:45Ballet/Acro IIBrittany6/6
9Wed. 1pmJazz/AcroAmanda6/1 *This class will move to 5:45 in Aug.
9Sat. 9:45amAcro Tech IIAmanda6/4
9Thurs. 7pmHiphopPhillip6/2 *Boys and Girls
9Tues. 7pmMusic Theatre/TapAmanda6/7
9Wed. 7pmHiphop/JazzBrittany6/1
9Mon. 6:45BalletAvery6/6
9Mon.6:45Ballet/Jazz IIAmanda6/6
9Mon.5:45Ballet/Acro  IIBrittany6/6
9Wed. 6:15Ballet/JazzBrittany6/1
10Thurs. 7pmHiphopPhillip6/2 *Boys and Girls
10Tues. 7pmMusic Theater/TapAmanda6/7
10Mon.5:45Ballet/Acro IIBrittany6/6
10 (not 11 before Oct.)Mon. 6:45BalletAvery6/6
10Sat. 11amBallet/JazzPatrice6/4
10Wed. 7pmHiphop/JazzBrittany6/1
11Mon, 5:45Ballet/Acro IIBrittany6/6
11Tues.7pmMusic Theater/TapAmanda6/7
11Thurs. 7pmHiphopPhillip6/2 *Boys and Girls
11Sat. 10amBallet/TapPatrice6/4
11-15Wed. 11:30amBallet IIAmanda6/1 *This class will move to 3:30pm in Aug.
11-14Fri. 5pmBallet/JazzAmanda6/3
15 & UpvarioussolosvariousJune