*Classes listed below are open for enrollment 10/17. Classes are subject to change and close as they fill up. Space is limited. Classes run Nov- June. Some classes are open for immediate start date. Please, call the studio at 749-5070 for additional information.


 Registration Day:

Friday, Oct. 17



2Ballet/TapTues. 5:45
2Ballet/TapMon. 5:30
3-4Ballet/AcroMon. 6:30
3-4Ballet/TapWed. 5pm
4-5Ballet/ TapMon. 6:45
4-5Hiphop/AcroTues. 6:15
4-5Ballet/TapWed. 6:15
5-7Ballet/TapThurs. 6:15
5-6Ballet/AcroMon. 5:45
6-7Ballet/JazzWed. 7pm
6-8Ballet/TapTues. 5pm
7-9Jazz/AcroWed. 6:45
8-10Ballet/JazzThurs. 5:45
10-13Hiphop/AcroWed. 5:45
11-14Ballet/JazzThurs. 7pm
11-14BalletWed. 3:30
7& UpSolo classesVarious