*Our 2 year old program is currently a wait list. Call to be added!




Ages 3 & up- Please, call/text 749-5070 for available classes.


Classes We Offer:

*Ballet/Tap        *Ballet/Jazz   *Hiphop/Acro *Tap/Jazz

*Hiphop/ Jazz   *Technique      *Dance Theatre

*Ballet/Acro      *Pom                  *All Boys Hiphop 

*2 yr old program   *Lyrical     *Contemporary 

*en pointe (with teacher approval)

*Acrobatics (tumbling)

*2 yearly Performances *Story Productions

*All Levels- Recreational- Competitive

Combo Classes- 45 min- 1hr.  classes for ages 5 & Up. Students study 2 areas of dance in these 45 min sessions. These dancers will perform 2 different pieces in our show!

Solos-  Open to age 5 & Up. Classes meet 1x weeekly for 30 mins. Students select style of dance. They will perform this piece in the next show.

Technique- Students wishing to continue their growth as a dancer or add an additional day to their classes without a performance, may join this class. Classes are divided into levels based on ability and age. This class meets weekly for 45mins-1 hr. This is an excellent option for students who want to attend class more than 1x weekly.


What You Need:


*Acrobatics Classes: Leotard with shorts made on. No Tights. No shoes. Hair needs to secure and up.

*Hiphop Classes: Clothes you can move in. No jeans or skirts. Tennis shoes or jazz shoes

*Ballet/ en pointe/ lyrical/contemporary Classes: Ballet shoes, leotard (any color/style, skirt opt.). Hair needs to be secure and up. En pointe classes will need pointe shoes.

*Lyrical & Contemporary Classes: Foot Thong or Turning Point shoe (see teacher for requirements)

*Jazz Classes: Tan slip on jazz shoes. Leotard and tights, dance/yoga pants, leggins, tank tops, dance shorts, & dance crop tops. Hair should be secure.

*Dance Theater: Black lace up or slip on jazz shoes. Clothes you can move in. No jeans, skirts or shorts. 

*Tap Class: Tap shoes, leotard, and tights

* 2 yr olds- tap and ballet shoes. Leotard & tights.