The classes listed below are NOW ENROLLING. Please, call/text 749-5070 or stop by the studio Mon.-Fri. from 5:30-7:00pm to get signed up!

Ages 5 & Up can sign up to take a solo class. Various times and days are available. Call to book! 749-5070

A technique class is an extra class that does NOT perform in any showcases or productions. It is an excellent class to add to any classes you are already taking to further your dance ability. 


Space is LIMITED! The classes listed below have only a few spaces remaining. 

The Last day to enroll is JAN.18

Technique Classes:

6-9Sat. 11:30 Ballet Barre and Center Technique
8-12Mon. 5:30 Ballet/Jazz Technique
9-13Thurs. 6:30 Ballet/Acro Technique
10-14Sat. 11:30 Ballent Center and Jazz Technique

Performance Classes:

3Ballet/TapMon. 5:15
3Ballet/AcroMon. 5:30
3Ballet/TapFri. 5:15
4Ballet/TapTues. 5:15
4Ballet/TapMon. 5:15
5Ballet/Jazz/ Acro - 1 Hour ClassFri 5:30
5Ballet/JazzTues. 6:45
5Ballet/AcroTues. 6pm
6Ballet/Jazz/Acro -  1 Hour ClassFri. 5:30
6Ballet/JazzTues. 6:45
6Ballet/AcroTues. 6pm
7Ballet/TapWed. 6:45
7Acro/ Hiphop JazzWed. 6pm
8Ballet/TapWed. 6:45
8Acro/ Hiphop JazzWed. 6pm
9Ballet/TapWed. 6:45
9Hiphop/AcroWed. 6:45
10-11Hiphop/AcroWed. 6:45
10-14Ballet/JazzSat. 10:45
12-15Hiphop/Jazz Wed. 7:30
15-18Ballet/ JazzFri. 3:30